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Curated by musicians, you can expect some gems from the vaults, never before heard rarities, out of print reissues, and new recordings - specializing in the music and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South.

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Current TRC Release

Sister Gertrude Morgan
Let's Make A Record

Sister Gertrude Morgan was many things - a minister, a preacher, an artist, a teacher, and a musician. She would charismatically pull you into her orbit as she often spontaneously broke into song - not preaching as much as telling a story. Sister Gertrude preaches a universal message of an all loving power. This is the first reissue on vinyl since it’s original release in 1970.

Shipping June/July 2024

Next TRC Release

Browning Bryant
Browning Bryant

In 1973, at the height of Allen Toussaint’s and The Meters’ recording careers, a 15 year old Browning Bryant came to New Orleans to make an album with them. Toussaint is quoted in remembering Browning, "Well, many years ago there was an album with a young white guy from South Carolina called Browning Bryant. A good looking young chap who played just enough guitar to support his singing. I remember feeling very good about the album but it didn’t do very much at all. I didn’t give very much thought back then to what should happen as I was always on to the next project. But thinking back that was a good one." This will be the first vinyl repressing since its original 1974 release. 

Shipping August/September 2024

Upcoming TRC Release

More details coming soon.

Shipping October/November 2024

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